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38 comments to CAR SHOPPING!!!!

  • Anant Aditya Patro

    everyone at Jk is getting a new car…

  • Richard J.

    Am i the only one who thinks that zaammm sounds like a cat

  • Kenneth KCC

    Nadeem Kwan

  • Gavin Gallagher

    He pretty much is their kid lol

  • Swaglyf

    damn they take such good care of nadeem 🙂 i love you guys ! :3

  • Ed Elric

    Well he is their son.

  • Jhey Media

    +RichardGhostTV That was extra annoying

  • Nigel Jedd

    Geo, Tiff and Case now Nadeem are getting new cars. Ill just sit here playing with my new hot wheels…

  • Kassie Hand


  • Patrick Yan

    I thought Nadeem was around closer in age to Bart and Geo… like 25-28.

  • tommystix87

    How are you guys hearing zaaaaam? when Bart is clearly saying Daaayyyuumm Daaaawg!

  • Ana Santana

    no. it just sounds annoying.

  • Kanye West

    +Kenneth KCC haha

  • Khadija

    +Patrick Yan I never knew he was so young…

  • T Dee

    +Gavin Gallagher so true. Can they just adopt him

  • Fintan111

    +Da Chiicken Wow, you sure proved Kevin wrong with that hot wheels story.

  • Nigel Jedd

    +Fintan111 It ain’t a story tho, i cri evrytim

  • Gimme cookies

    Yea because of his beard xD

  • David lee

    +Patrick T where did u see this?

  • Muhammad Akbar

    +David lee probably in a vlog. i remember michael talking about buying a car in joe’s vlog

  • WesM369

    +tommystix87 he’s saying it kind of like ‘dzzzaaaayyummm’

  • aaronthespecialone A3VRD

    +Gavin Gallagher was it the next morning? I thought they said they can keep it for a week

  • Ice Kold Killa

    And all the suggested videos now are with titles “Shopping for car!” or “Car Shopping!!!”

  • Limited

    +Da Chiicken tax write offs

  • Limited

    +Da Chiicken spending the money to get a car other wise it would be lost due to taxes

  • Naomi Gary

    +Patrick Yan i always thought so too

  • Brandon Hilikus

    +WarChortle whats the name of the dude in your profile pic, i know its from dbz.

  • Thomas Christopher White

    +Kenneth KCC Well he is already Bart’s little brother.

  • Luis Corona

    Don’t buy a Kia

  • Jesus Christ

    I tought he was like 30

  • donayre21

    Really 30k? you don’t know how to talk to dealers you can bring that down to 20k,depending on your credit.

  • Eszra

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song playing at the restaurant when Bart’s telling us how to poor Coke over ice?

  • Abdulrahman Alghamdi

    I fucking died laughing at bart when he said dayyyymmzzz zoogg ??

  • FlyiS A

    yea, he looks old like them but he a young adult

  • FlyiS A

    Bart got his car at age 25ish, its all good if you have public transportation.
    Geo got hers at 23-24.

  • maddie stromberg

    you guys are so cute, ur like nadeems parents away from home

  • Brandon.thelegend


  • Keiran Night

    I was singing along to Gfriend the whole time they were eating XD