January 26, 2022

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FRAM CF10134 Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter

The FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter is a very easy to mount air filter that both filters and also deodorizes the air attracted into your lorry, as well as improves available air movement vital to the effective operations of air conditioning and heater. Created utilizing the initial of its kind mix of energetic carbon and cooking soft drink woven right into the fibers of the filter, it has the capacity to eliminate approximately 98% of contaminants that drivers, guests and also vehicle duct are revealed to, while additionally providing two times the protection against generally occurring smells than various other cabin air filters.

Energetic carbon as well as cooking soda in filter for far better in-vehicle air high quality and also circulation. View bigger.

Exactly what is a Cabin Air Filter?

Not virtually as well-known as familiar oil and basic air filters, numerous vehicle drivers might never also have become aware of a cabin air filter. Normally situated either inside the guest area near the handwear cover compartment, or under the hood near the windscreen, they are utilized to filter air drawn right into your vehicle from the outdoors for the comfort of guests, in addition to for use by air conditioning as well as furnace. They are made to lessen bits both large and also tiny, as well as allergens and other impurities as well as are made use of in roughly 80% of the vehicles built since the 2000 design year. It is recommended that they be changed on either a yearly basis, or every 15,000 miles. Like other automotive filter, overlooking to do this can bring about possible dangers to your lorry and/or travelers, in this situation consisting of impeded performance of your home heating or cooling systems by limiting the circulation of fresh clean air utilized by those systems, along with possible rust inside the system as well as stuffy or perhaps poisonous air vented throughout the vehicle.

Removes up to 98% of roadway dirt, pollen and other pollutants, along with a lot of common smells. View bigger.

Distinct Carbon/Baking Powder Technology

The FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter utilizes a special technology that integrates the natural filtering buildings of activated carbon as well as the popular ventilating residential or commercial properties of Arm & Hammer baking soda. Infused together within the filter's folds this allows for the elimination of 98% of road dust and also road plant pollen * that your car's air circulation system takes in. Additionally, this mix likewise allows for superior defense versus odors drawn from outside resources, providing twice the ability to ventilate usual smells as compared to filters not treated with carbon and also baking soda.

Key Features Premium Efficiency – Filters 98% of roadway dirt as well as roadway pollen significantly improving in-vehicle air high quality * Improved Air Flow – Periodic changing of cabin air filters enhances air intake air flow utilized in home heating and air conditioning systems Odor Absorption – The FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter loads twice the ability to deodorise typical odors drawn from outside sources as compared to filters not treated with carbon and cooking soft drink Fresh Essence – The FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter eliminates the reoccurring mildewy odor that could establish in cooling and also heater Easy to Install – Installs rapidly as well as conveniently in the majority of autos in minutes with very little, or perhaps no tools, depending on car design


FRAM filters are called for versus defects in layout, products and also handiwork. New lorry service warranties stay in effect when FRAM filters are set up inning accordance with instructions on FRAM filter product packaging and also changed a minimum of as often as car producer's preferred change periods.

About FRAM

Today FRAM is known as America's number one oil filter brand name, and the FRAM group continuouslies make and also market a selection of high quality oil, air and also gas filters, in addition to lots of vehicle devices such as PCV shutoffs, crankcase filters and also transmission modulators.

* Road dirt as well as plant pollen bits ranging in size from 5-100 microns.

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