October 3, 2022

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iMagitek Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Monitor with Safety Hammer, Flashlight, Seatbelt Cutter, Red Safety Light - 5 in 1 Rescue Emergency Tool for Car, Motorcycle and other Vehicle

5 in 1 Rescue Tool.

1. Tire Gauge – Keep your tires effectively blew up to assist reduce blowouts, to assist protect against early wearing of your expensive tires as well as in order to help offer you better gas mileage.
2. LED Flashlight – Makes Checking your Tire Pressure Even Easier at night as well as assists you to see your secrets or locate your way on a dark course.
3. Red Safety Light – When you need assistance, others can see if you open the red safety and security light.
4. Car Window Breaker – In instance you lose power to your power door locks or power windows from an accident or flood and also you need to run away the vehicle. You have a tool right here that will easily break the automobile home window.
5. Seat belt Cutter – When terrible accidents take place, sometimes individuals inside of the automobile are entraped due to the fact that they can not free themselves from a stuck safety belt. If the safety belt is stuck, or you are upside down in a surrendered automobile, just what do you do? You just reduced the belt and leave the cars inside.


Dimensions: 16.2 * 3 * 6.5 cm.
Weight: 140g.
Temperature level measurement range : 30 to 122 degree Fahrenheit ( 0 to 50 degree celsius ).
Stress dimensions vary : 2 to 150PSI.
Precision : ± 1PSI.


1x Digital Tire Gauge Emergency Tool.
1x User Manual.


The Flashlight, Red LED light and LCD backlight is powered by 2 * AAA battery and the battery is not consisted of in bundles.