Meejmuse Vlog♥6 Car Shopping, Oppa’s Birthday & Cooper Loves the Guitar

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Hey guys,
Hope you enjoy Vlog #6 – Weekend car shopping (I've decided what car to get now, but will show you guys later! hehe), oppa's birthday (a while back) and Cooper loving oppa's new song. This is a glimpse of how oppa writes his songs – usually late at night, with just him and his guitar. Speaking of, oppa's channel (TheLineOneCo) is releasing their new music video in the coming week! We've been working on it for months now. Thank you for your patience. This song is amazing so make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for when it comes out.

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Also, as many of you are asking, the song we were singing to in the car is "Come to me" by Bethel Loft Sessions. Here's the link!

Hope you are having a great week!

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– How I do my brows
– Vlog #7
– More Kpop-inspired makeup tutorials

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Love Jen.

Intro and ending music courtesy of (royalty-free).

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