Motor Treatment


Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a 100 percent pure petroleum item that securely and also efficiently cleans up internal fuel and oil system components, assisting your gasoline or diesel engine run cleaner as well as extra efficiently. Sea Foam is an EPA-registered item, as well as will certainly not hurt engine parts, seals, gaskets, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Liquefies periodontal as well as varnish down payments or internal engine pollutants, getting rid of carbon deposits, freeing sticky valve lifters and rings, boosting still top quality, pinging and reluctance issues. By utilizing Sea Foam to remove varnish and carbon accumulation, mechanics can much more accurately diagnose mechanical troubles that may exist. That is why Sea Foam has actually been so prominent with expert mechanics for over 65 years. As a gas system additive, Sea Foam will clean up carburetors, gas injectors, clean carbon, periodontal and also varnish deposits, includes lubricity to gas, maintain gas for 2 years and control moisture. As an oil system additive, Sea Foam regulates wetness, periodontal, varnish and also deposit deposits.