September 26, 2021

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31wPxWV6YBL - Mount Metal Plate with Adhesive for Magnetic Cradle-less Mount -X4 Pack 2 Rectangle and 2 Round (Compatible with Magnetic mounts) 4 Pack

Rectangular Steel Plate for Magnet Mount

What great is having a magnet mount without the metal plates for the gadget to connect itself to the magnet?

Offering you rectangular magnetic plate for install, which is simple to attach into tool surfaces as well as to establish on the magnet place for secure maintaining of the gadget!

– Rectangular steel magnetic plates to connect device into magnet installs.

– The magnetic plate place quickly stays with the rear of tools for simple installing.

– Works with magnet mounts created to hold tools with the steel plate.

– Great to use with smart devices and tablet computers.

– Easy to attach and eliminate without a problem.

Having an extra magnetic plate to select your magnet install is never ever damaging; after all, they are extremely useful making the magnet mount job. This magnetic plate install is rectangle-shaped with rounded corners that easily adhere to the rear of gadgets as well as the magnet mount so that the device could be safely kept in area with the mount. The size of the rectangular magnetic plate is minimally larger than the tool, made to assist all gadgets as well as constant installing of them into the magnet place.

The magnetic plate for install gizmos is extremely simple to establish – merely position the magnetic plate into the rear of the device you should safeguard, connect it to the magnet mount as well as viola, your tool will be held securely for as lengthy as you want. The elimination is also similarly very easy. The magnetic plate will certainly never ever scratch your device.

Simply peal of the sticker as well as connected it to your phone, tablet computer or GPS. Or place it in your phone case.

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