September 27, 2021

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" Crystal white paint, alloys all chromey, she be like, "Damn! Did he just honk me?"" showcasing Katie Sky & Hyundai Veloster Turbo.
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—– Lyrics —–

[Hook:] I'm going to fill my tank
Just obtained 7 gallons in my Veloster
I – I – I'm cruisin', lookin' for an edge
It's a trucking 'Hyundai'.

[Verse 1:] Currently, drive past this girl, I resemble "What up, I got a 'Hyundai!".
Cruisin' like Yeezy, this car's swag is hella cray,.
Crystal white paint, alloys all chromey.
She resemble, "Damn! Did he simply beep me?".
Rollin' tough, sittin' deep, knowing that they take a look at me,.
Hyundai, Turbo time, 184, bhp.
They'll be pleased when they see, doesn't actually require a drink.
Possibly shoulda asked my kid, Genty male what you assume?
( Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm).
Ah screw it, we only got it for a week!
My Veloster will manager the roster that most o' ya can work up.
Blaizin' paths leavin' ya pushin' a dirty pick-up vehicle.
Get a clue and also buck it up, as well as no there ain't no mucking up.
You wan na argue, initial point.
Take your mouth and also shut it up.
This'll suit your mother's design, this'll suit your bro's style.
No genuine. 20 thou? This new coupe will not let you down.
Hyundai played their cards right, this car's hella tight.
But could it take a Focus ST in a warm hatch showdown battle?
Is that a cool dashboard? (Yep) We like the funky dashboard (Yep).
Front-wheel drive is kinda weak but inspect these mothertrucking doors.
Heck no, hell no, I aren't sure just what to do,.
1 door on my side, yet 2 doors for you,.
The 20 grand a brand new automobile will cost ya.
People be lookin' like, 'Aw, he obtained the Veloster'.

[Hook x 2]
[Verse 2:] What you learn about rockin' the whip that we pluggin'.
Exactly what you knowin' about this whip's Turbo would certainly engine.
I'm revvin', I'm revvin', prepared to function the transmission.
Even though it's rising the CARBON DIOXIDE emissions.
All the ladies be givin' me blown kisses and beckons.
0 to 60 run in eight-point-four secs.
I get on the Twit-scene, hashtag (in London).
I'm on the FB you could locate me (in London!).
Hyundai, the good guy, I will attempt, you'll look fly.
We contacted Katie Sky, obtained her down, enjoy her rock this mothertrucker,.
Veloster Turbo yeah, I shake this mothertrucker,.
I make the party yeah, I rock every mothertrucker,.

Katie Skies -.
They resemble "OH! That Lexus was hella tight".
I'm like," YO, that's 50Gs for a label, right".
Turbo Version, we did some simple enhancement,.
50Gs for a label, not just what we're below to pitch!
I call that 1-3-3-m-p-h!
I call that Turbo En-gine! (EN-GINE!).
The auto's hella dope.
And having one doesn't mean parting with a hefty lots of hella dough,.
Peep game, come take consider this Turbo,.
Auto Throttle, I actually wan na take a crack at,.
Yeah, I wan na go.

CT, Ve-los-ter, yeah.

[Bridge: x2] You'll see me when driving,.
I'll look amazing,.
You'll actually want a go,.
In the Veloster Turbo.

Are they your Skid Marks? Ha ha ha ha ha.

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