What is FRIKINtech?|Alex Snyder & Tom Harsha

what is frikintech alex snyder tom harsha

9993 55c08e14727358a8ea80a5d62f3a9a51 It is time to kick Alex off of the RefreshFriday holding side. I’m offering him a holiday today. It isn’t a pina colada holiday due to the fact that I’m going to be barbecuing him as well as his pal Tom Harsha! And also I might require your assistance, so bring your comments.In all severity, we

‘ve been finding out about FRIKINtech over as well as over once more on DealerRefresh and also on different RefreshFridays. I believed it was time to obtain the complete story.What is FRIKINtech? Why do they believe end-to-end electronic selling isn’t helpful for consumers as well as dealerships? What sort of outcomes are they seeing and also just how is the brand-new solution item doing?Get over to the DealerRefresh online forums for discussions similar to this one 24/7–

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